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Gamification and simulation based learning performs exceptionally well in imparting knowledge through interactivity. Research states that interactive learning helps learners to grasp more in less time. Dive deep into the research conducted by Dr. Lisa Vinney http://www.panthersfanaticproshop.com/r … rs-jersey/ , Assistant Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Illinois State University and Dr. Katherine Verdolini Abott, Professor of Communication Science and Disorders at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

With use of Raptivity interactions, Dr. Vinney witnessed a considerable rise in recall and short-term retention of newly learned concepts of undergraduate students. Dr. Vinney will share how mini-quizzes are effective for quick interactive learning.

This session also sheds light on how Dr. Abbott incorporated Raptivity quizzes and games for graduate-level disorders course which is being educated at the University of Pittsburgh. She shares, “It was a great learning experience for learners; they responded positively by having maximum attention levels for a 3-hour night class followed by a day of clinical training.”

Join us for an insightful webinar – ‘Applications for Raptivity in the University Classroom’ to learn how gamification and simulation applications work wonders for classroom training in Universities. Highlights of the webinar:
1) Dr. Vinney will discuss the design of the research on game and activity based learning
2) Results of the research and potential study implications will be shared
3) Dr. Verdolini Abbott will share a case study inspired by the research on how mini-quiz games can be used in university classrooms.
4) Discuss future opportunities to use interactions effectively in classroom or online setting.

This complimentary webinar is scheduled on Wednesday, 11th May, 2016 at 10 AM PST. Register now and explore new possibilities in interactive learning with Raptivity.
Using this tool is as simple as picking up an interaction template and customizing it with your content. Raptivity outputs to both Flash and HTML5 formats and can be tracked using xAPI, SCORMAICC standards. You could use the output standalone or in conjunction with Raptivity Linker, Authoring Tools or Learning Management Systems (LMS).

http:blog.raptivity201604webinar-on-applications-for-raptivity Guide To Managing Your Self-help Seminar Website For Bigger Reputation Guide To Managing Your Self-help Seminar Website For Bigger Reputation March 26, 2013 | Author: Joe Mosh | Posted in Internet Business Online
No matter how fancy you make your seminar information site and no matter how many pages you have made, without people to look at them, it’s doomed for failure. To get people to know that your website exists, a couple of tools to use are online marketing and SEO. If you’re unsure about how to use them, take these tips to heart and soon all of your had work will pay off.

If you are hiring a company to do the site for you, double check their history with writing seminar information sites. Past client work is always a good thing to look out for because this is essentially their portfolio, check if you like the design or not.

Each page of your site should have at least one visual constitute. It can be a picture, drawing, or even a chart or graph. Whatever the image is, it should serve to forward the content and engage the attention of the reader.

Penny pinching is a necessity in some aspects of business in order to turn a profit, but getting cheap when it comes to your web host is a bad idea. Free or very cheap servers will not give you the speed you need to make your users happy, no matter how much you optimize your content. Research your options and get a quality host; they’ll only run you about ten dollars a month.

Video of yourself speaking is an excellent method to personalize your content. If there is a particular topic you feel strongly about, try recording a video blog post to upload onto the site. These posts can also be posted to YouTube for another possible traffic stream.

Always place the Search bar on the top right side of your seminar information site as the majority of the other websites do. If you have a small self-help guide site with not much information then you can do away with the search bar.

If readers were looking for dry yet useful content, they would look around for essays, not articles. Visitors who come to your site want to be relaxed and read something that is easy to understand. Having text that is conversational and personal will put your readers at ease and using a little humor doesn’t hurt either. So don’t get too technical when you’re writing content and just have fun.

Providing social widgets is vital in this day and age. Linking to your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your home page will keep your visitors connected to you and informed about your business. They are some of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your users.

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