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It's a sad thing when a beloved fish friend comes to the end of its lifespan http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … rk-Jersey/ , when it won't eat or swim, or when it has succumbed to serious injury or disease. It can be difficult to take the responsibility for ending the life of another being but many aquarists feel it's worse to allow a creature you know to be in pain to suffer, when its ailments cannot be cured.

Older methods include flushing, fast freezing, fast boiling, decapitation http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … ic-Jersey/ , and so on, but are now considered inhumane. Modern fish-keeping methods have suggested a more humane method which is simple, clean, and even inexpensive.

Clove oil (also known as eugenol) is sold in most drugstores as a toothache remedy, and has the remarkable quality of putting fish to sleep. Using clove oil to anaesthetize your ailing fish first will make almost any method of euthanasia more humane, but the quickest and cleanest way is to add a clear grain alcohol like vodka to the water inhaled by the sleeping fish.

For small fish http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … cy-Jersey/ , under three inches long:

1) Fill a measuring cup with tank water, noting the volume, and pour it into a separate container (opaque sides will minimize fish stress). Place the fish in the container.

2) Fill a small jar ? full with water from your tank, add one drop of clove oil, put the lid on, and shake thoroughly until the water turns a cloudy white.

3) Pour about a quarter of the white liquid into your container http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … as-Jersey/ , and allow it to sit for about ten minutes. The fish will begin listing and then sink to the bottom, but the gills will still move every few seconds. If the fish is still moving after ten minutes, shake up the jar again and add another quarter of its contents to the container.

4) When the fish has stopped moving completely except for the gills, add vodka or a similar clear grain alcohol to the water. You'll need to use about a quarter of the original container's volume in vodka: if you put 12 ounces of water in the container, you'll need 3 ounces of vodka (25% of 12 oz) to make the process quick and effective.

5) Check the fish after twenty minutes; if there is no gill movement after sixty seconds, the process is complete; if you do see any movement http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … ii-Jersey/ , add another dose of clove oil, and then another dose of vodka.
For larger fish you'll need proportionally more clove oil: about 10 drops per gallon of water in the container; and you may need to wait longer before it takes effect. Once the fish is asleep, use the same 25% dose of alcohol to ease them on their way.

An aquarist hopes that they will never have to perform this duty. I think it's better to know that there's a humane way, and never need the information, than to need the information and do something cruel to your fish because you didn't know.
Summer is definitely here and you are probably looking for some ways to make the most out of it. While it is mandatory to get that summer tan, summer sporting events are more exciting alternatives to just laying on the sand and getting bronzed. Year after year http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … wn-Jersey/ , the world watches for events happening around this time and we have rounded up some of the more famous and emerging sporting events that you should not miss out on. Take a look and make it your goal to attend at least one of these events this year.

The Ashes (Summer 2009, England and Wales)
Cricket enthusiasts have been watching this event since 1882! Even after more than a century this cricket event still the most watched and anticipated competition in its history. The event happens every two years and arch rivals England and Australia will be facing off each this year for five straight days of wickets, batting, bowling and runs. Opening this July in Cardiff, Wales, this competition will run until August. The question on everyone s mind: Who will take home this year s funeral urn?

Red Bull Big Wave Africa (Summer 2009 http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … in-Jersey/ , Cape Town)
Dare to catch the big waves? If your answer is a resounding yes, then head on over to Cape Town this summer for the Red Bull Big Waves competition happening in ?Dungeons? in Cape Town s Hout Bay. Find out if local favorite Grant ?Twiggy? Baker will be able to defend his title this year. Red Bull Big Waves makes a splash this July through August.

2009 Blackcat Paintball Scenario Games (August 2009, Smithfield, OH USA)
As an emerging sports, paintball has created a strong following. This war simulation game is gaining a strong reputation as a dynamic and strategic game of minds, skills and endurance. The 2009 Blackcat Paintball Scenario Games http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … an-Jersey/ , happening all throughout the year, will stage its 5 Man Scenario Team Challenge in OH this August. This two day competition is dubbed as a team competition utilizing a team s scenario and big games skills.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup (November 2009, Dubai, UAE)
Soccer beach lovers will converge this year in Dubai, UAE as 16 teams from 6 confederations battle it out for the much coveted title. Also know as Beasal, th game was systematically developed when the Beach Soccer Worldwide launch it on an international scale in 1992 http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seah … ad-Jersey/ , with Brazil dominating the very first championship match. Hosting country UAE is said to be Asia prime team after winning the AFC titles successively in 2007 and 2008.

With a variety of events sports buffs and spectators will surely find this summer worthwhile. Whether you like getting some ball game actions or seeing man conquer the big waves of nature or experiencing the thrill of a war zone, there is something out there for you. A perfect sunny day should not be wasted by lazing and bumming around the beach. Get out and explore the outdoors, summer comes only once a year. But whatever it is that you choose to do, remember that the sun is out to watch us have fun!

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