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any of these same families might be making a big effort in what we sho

KUNMING www.nikejustdoitscarpe.it , Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Students of a middle school in a township in southwest China's Yunnan Province that was hit by an earthquake one year ago moved to a new school building on Tuesday as the new semester began.

Longquan Middle School is located in Longtoushan Township of Ludian County, the epicenter of a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that killed over 610 people in August last year. The students attended classes in makeshift structures after their school was destroyed by the quake.

Li Shanyun, party chief of the town, said the new school covers more than 4.6 hectares. In addition to a teaching building, dining hall, and residential building, the new school also has a library, gymnasium and football field.

""The new school's quality is among the highest in the county. We hope that the school can foster more talent to help the area rid itself of poverty,"" he said.

Teacher Ma Lin said, ""Two students in my class were killed in the quake. The tragedy has made us stronger and more united. The temporary school building was hot in summer and cold in winter, but our students never complained.""

Student Yang Hongqi, 16, lost his father in the earthquake and his home collapsed during the disaster.

""Many people came to help us after the quake,"" he said. ""I have decided to study harder so I can help others and contribute to my hometown when I grow up.""


WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- China is not interested in dominating the world, but hopes to promote its ties with the United States in the process of "problem solving," China's Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai has said.

"What China is aiming at is a global community of shared future," said the veteran diplomat during an interview with USA Today on Tuesday.

Today's world needs cooperation among all countries, and China is looking forward to better China-U.S.cooperation, Cui added.

During U.S. President Donald Trump's first year in office, China-U.S. relations maintained a stable development and made "important and positive progress," Cui said.

Acknowledging that relations between China and the United States "never run short of problems," Cui said bilateral ties were making progress in the process of "problem solving."

Meanwhile, Cui chose the word "partners" to describe the current China-U.S. ties, a term he thought is closer to reality compared with "adversary," "rival," or even "enemy."

"Partnership means we do have common interest, and we have to work together for mutual benefits," Cui said.

BEIJING, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- China advocates low-carbon tourism, ecotourism, and responsible tourism, and hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of Arctic tourism, according to a white paper issued Friday.

As a source of tourists to the Arctic, China supports and encourages its enterprises to cooperate with Arctic States in developing tourism in the region, said the document titled China's Arctic Policy, issued by the State Council Information Council.

China calls for continuous efforts to enhance security, insurance, and rescue systems to ensure the safety of tourists in the Arctic, said the white paper.

It explained China's training and regulation of Chinese tourism agencies and professionals involved in Arctic tourism, and endeavors in raising the environmental awareness of Chinese tourists.

It also highlighted that China's participation is on the condition that the Arctic residents, including the indigenous peoples, will truly benefit from the development of Arctic resources.

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