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GENEVA, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- While almost 2,000 people have died in close to 1,000 avalanches in the Swiss Alps and Jura region since 1936, the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) said Tuesday that the number of avalanche-related fatalities has decreased significantly over the years.

"In controlled areas -- roads, railways, communities and secured ski runs -- the number of victims has declined substantially in recent decades," SLF reported in a statement.

"The 15-year annual average number of victims dropped from 15 at the end of the 1940s to less than 1 in 2010," it added.

This decrease is likely due to "huge investments in avalanche barriers as well as improved danger maps, effective closures and evacuations, and the artificial triggering of avalanches," SLF continued.

Findings also reveal that most fatal avalanches in controlled areas were triggered naturally and close to half the deaths documented on transportation routes and ski slopes were work-related.

In non-controlled zones, the institute said that nearly all open-terrain accidents involved people partaking in recreational sports such as backcountry touring or other off-piste activities.

"The 15-year annual average number of victims stood at fewer than 10 during some periods at the start of the 1950s, before rising sharply in the sixties and seventies, and reaching a dismal record of almost 27 in the 1980s," it reported.

"Although the number of recreational sports enthusiasts venturing away from controlled areas continued to rise, the number of people losing their lives declined in the nineties (annual average of 20 victims)," it added.

According to statistics, most of the avalanches in these cases were triggered by the victims themselves.

The stabilization of figures in recent decades is thought to be the result of increased prevention, better information, and the availability of avalanche emergency equipment including transceivers, shovels and probes.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing method developed in the Indian subcontinent during the Vedic times. The therapeutic method uses natural methods and herbal medicines for the treatment of ailments. It aims at achieving a complete wellbeing of the body Jonas Valanciunas Raptors Jersey , mind, and spirit of individuals, not merely absence of diseases. It is considered the precursor of the modern medicinal system and recognised by World Health Organisation as a traditional medicinal system.

The popularity of Ayurveda is increasing at a rapid pace in the world. More people are visiting Ayurvedic doctors for prescription, treatments Danny Green Raptors Jersey , and guidance on ethical lifestyle in western countries. The chief reason is the natural healing method which is free from life-threatening side-effects, unlike allopathy.

People faced many common health problems in daily life. Starting with a headache, body pain, stress OG Anunoby Raptors Jersey , chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and the list will go on. There are medicines to suppress these ailments in allopathy Vince Carter Raptors Jersey , but a complete cure isn’t possible. Follow an Ayurveda lifestyle to experience a complete wellbeing in life.

Ayurveda – A Complete Wellbeing Method

The aim of Ayurveda treatment is to deliver a complete wellbeing to the individual. Theoretically, it aims to create a balance of the body with the surrounding areas. It is possible by embedding an ethical lifestyle consisting of nutritional foods, exercises, and ethical living.

Every individual has a unique constitution of the body (Prakruti) and needs a dedicated treatment for curing ailments. Ayurveda practitioners go for physical examination of stool Tracy Mcgrady Raptors Jersey , lifestyle, eating habit, saliva, and other things before prescribing a treatment. It is a treatment of ailments knowing the cause to offer to heal and prevent their recurrence in the future. Learn Ayurveda in India to know the traditional wellness methods and put to practice in daily life. As India is the origin of Ayurveda Lucas Nogueira Jersey , hence it is the best place to learn this traditional wellness system.

Ayurveda – A Way of Life

Yoga, meditation, massage, and herbal medicines are the pillars of Ayurvedic treatment for diseases. The modern medicinal system is approving practice to deliver wellbeing to patients quickly. In order to avoid health complications Delon Wright Jersey , embed the Ayurvedic practices in the daily lifestyle. Follow a good way of life, diet, and exercise studying Ayurveda therapy training in India. It is a vital way of increasing skills and knowledge about the practices of Ayurveda getting training from expert practitioners.

Get up early in the morning. Start practising yoga exercise regularly to improve flexibility and maintain your health. It is followed by meditation which calms down the mind and removes stress from the body. Get massages from expert therapists offering dedicated services to the clients. It is a process of muscle rejuvenation, remove toxins Pascal Siakam Jersey , and enhancing your immunity system.

Start a Career in Massage Therapy

The demand for massage therapists has increased manifolds in the market now. It is being utilised in the modern medicinal system for rehabilitation and prevention of injury. Massage is a process of manipulation of soft tissue to soothes down the body from stress, energised, and remove toxins. But, it is necessary to take massages from experts to enjoy health benefits. Join Ayurveda massage training in India to learn the traditional skills of expert practitioners. Working on live models help students to get skills and knowledge of massages quickly. Contact us to enrol in the course today.

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