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What Causes Nerve Damage in the Male organ: How to ID and Treat the Problem

by man1health · September 24, 2018

Nerve damage in the member is a tricky thing. One moment it can feel cold and numb, completely oblivious to any outside touch or sense. The next minute, it could be tingling and shooting what feels like lightning through the member Homme Nike Air Max 270 Ocean Bliss Pas Cher , causing pain and panic. The male organ is filled with tiny nerves which can be damaged by a number of things. Once damaged, they can cause pain, numbness, and reduce pleasure and sensual function. Let  learn a little more about nerve damage in the member.

Nerve Damage in the Member: Symptoms

The most pronounced symptoms of male organ nerve damage are numbness Homme Nike Air Max 270 Triple Black Pas Cher , loss of sensitivity, and a general lack of anticipated sensation when touched or stroked. However, symptoms can vary contingent upon the root cause of male organ nerve damage. Here are a few of the most common symptoms a man might be suffering from if he has nerve damage in the member:

– A tingling feeling

– A burning or chilling sensation

– A feeling of “pins and needles” or like lightning is shooting through the privates

– A bluish color

Nerve Damage in the Member: Common Causes

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