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Authentic Eric Kendricks Jersey

Few things bring that moment of utopia than the smell of a house Stefon Diggs Womens Jersey , which just pumped out a batch of freshly, baked cookies. It brings back memories of coming home after school and enjoying a fresh treat to tide us over before the family sat down for dinner together. Unfortunately, this has become somewhat of a lost art with the advent of a dual working family, but in some ways it probably saves you your quality of life. Find out why the baking tradition has took a turn for the worse.

What’s in That Piece of Baking Heaven?

There are 6 common things normally put together to make a delicious, mouth watering, cookie. They are as follows:

– White Flour
– White Sugar
– Margarine
– Baking Soda
– Vanilla or other extract
– Decoration or icing

On the surface Jalyn Holmes Womens Jersey , these ingredients maybe look fairly benign. To me, they look deadly.

Let’s delve a little further into each one to find out why.

White Flour

Besides being one of the most heavily grown and chemical infused crops, wheat has very little digestibility and value for the majority of the population. The beneficial b-vitamins that it does contain are stripped out to make a white flour (its more purdy that way), then a couple are added back in so they can call it “enriched” so you can feel good about it.

How bad can it really be to consume white flour?

Consider this: when companies ship refined white flour in large 50 lb. bags, they don’t have to use any insecticide whatsoever. That’s because if an insect gets into the bag of white flour and starts eating it, that insect will die from consuming it. White flour is a natural insecticide because it kills any insect that attempts to live off of it.

White flour is the largest and most commonly used ingredient in baking. Oy.

White Sugar

We all know sugar is not great for us Brian O'Neill Womens Jersey , but is it really that terrible?

There is a very long list of things sugar does to our body, but the common health challenges noted include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hyperactivity, depressed immune system, osteoporosis Daniel Carlson Womens Jersey , and aiding the growth of Candida Albicans (an unknown but widely common disease).

Sure, its “ok” in small amounts, but that’s just not the way the population consumes it. They don’t realize it’s in nearly everything, with its good buddy white flour.


Hydrogenated fats kill. They are extremely hard on the cardiovascular system and cause acidity and toxicity in the body.

Margarine is a prime example of hydrogenated fats, with artificial color (its actually grey and rancid), and one molecule removed from plastic. Even flies won’t eat it when it’s left out. How sick is that?

Baking Soda

Baking soda in of itself is not a bad ingredient. In fact Mike Hughes Womens Jersey , it has been linked to as a remedy for many different diseases.

However, the majority of them on the market now contain aluminum. That’s a heavy metal you want nothing to do with in your body.

Leave it for industrial use.

Vanilla or other Extracts

Again, there is nothing wrong with the extract of vanilla, if that’s all it contained.

However, examining a common extract and you will find propylene glycol. There is debate on actually how harmful and in what quantities this is toxic to the body, but it is used as an active ingredient in engine coolants and anti-freeze Authentic Jaleel Johnson Jersey , de-icers, cushions, paints, enamels and varnishes.

That’s before we talk about sodium benzoate, caramel color, corn syrup Authentic Pat Elflein Jersey , artificial flavors, and colors.

You be the judge.

Decoration Or Icings

The final touch is perhaps the most deadly of all.

Common ingredients found in icing or decorations include high amounts of sugar, food dyes, carnauba wax, and other artificial flavorings.

That should make you shudder without even really thinking about it.

The Good News

The really good news is that cookies don’t have to be terrible. In fact, they can be fine in moderation as a snack or a treat. All you need is the right substitutes.

White Flour – replace with a different grain like spelt.
White Sugar – replace with a less offensive sweetener like coconut or cane sugar.
Margarine – replace with the original bakers choice Authentic Danielle Hunter Jersey , and much healthier, butter.
Baking Soda – replace with a no aluminum brand.
Vanilla Extract – replace with one that contains 2-3 ingredients, one being vanilla.
Decoration or Icings – replace with nothing at all, or juice from real food mixed with a more desirable sugar.

Of course it goes without saying that going organic in each of these significantly reduces the toxin level and allows you to still have an exceptionally tasty treat that is not making your heart stop just smelling them.

So get back to the store, pick up the right ingredients, and feel good about your snack.

Then share with the family and neighbors and tell them how you did baking right.

To learn more about harmful ingredients in your food Authentic Eric Kendricks Jersey , visit http:ganocoffeebenefits

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